Copyright 2013. Tattoos by Danny Frost. All Rights Reserved. 

"Danny is an excellent artist and has done some of my work. No complaints here, he is worth the time and money!" 

" ...was trying to play it cool when I realized that Danny Frost had some extra time to spare on a day when waltzing around in 100+ degree heat was not looking like something I wanted to do.  I've always wanted to get a sugar skull, but I've never felt comfortable with some of the shops I've visited at home.  Danny put me right at ease.  The guy is a gem.  Down to Earth, and very open to the idea I had in mind.  I brought in some artwork that I found online and his ego wasn't so big that he couldn't compliment the artwork.  Danny has been doing this for over 20 years and I was amazed that he actually mentioned that some of the things in the artwork I brought in were things that he wouldn't have thought of.  That proves that he is a continuous learner.  That is a compliment ladies and gentlemen.  Tattoo artists can be a dime a dozen, but Danny Frost is in a league of his own.  Since I haven't been inked by the other artists at this shop, I can't tell you that you shouldn't get work done by some of the other guys at this studio.  What I can say is that I have some serious man-love for Mr. Frost after spending over 6 hours with the man whose brilliance is forever etched on my skin."

"For my birthday I wanted a unique Paisley tattoo on my arm. After going to 4 or 5 different parlors and talking to different artist I was about to give up, not only did they not know what a Paisley was they were going to print it out from their computer. Then I found Danny Frost! Working at the 3 Lions inside the Riviera! He knew exactly what I wanted! What an amazing artist! I'm so happy that I have officially found my tattoo guy! I highly recommend Danny Frost!"

"Danny Frost has an originality about his work that you will not find somewhere else! He will take anything you can think of and customize it to the MAX so it will your's and YOUR's ONLY! Great Guy! Great sense of humor and comfort from the minute you meet him:)"